Sunshine cushion

I finished the Escheresque cushion cover on Friday night, just before T. arrived. I decided against quilting the front in the end – I thought it would just be far too busy. Instead I made up a semi-pieced back with some leftovers from the Square Dance pattern.

Each piece was 52×52 cm for a 45x45cm cushion pad from John Lewis. I sewed the two pieces together on three sides with a massive (2.5cm) seam allowance.

I trimmed the corners, turned it inside out and ironed the seams out, then turned it back wrong side out to finish the last two corners. Back right side out again, I put the cushion pad in and handstitched the opening closed using mattress stitch.

This is the front – but I like both equally!

This is the back view. It reminds T. of sunshine (something we’re lacking here, rather!) and so it’s our sunshine cushion.

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