Looking forwards, looking back

2010 was a busy year. I was offered a new job and finished my PhD, and have moved away from a city where I’ve spent 7 very happy years. While I was finishing writing up I set myself a rule of ‘no new projects until the big one (my thesis) is finished’. This lead to a surprising number of project finishes, and here they are:

1. Stirrup socks, 2. Finished concentric circles quilt, 3. Twin baby jackets, 4. Cushion front, 5. Ice-blue cowl, 6. Mod sampler quilt

I’m pleased and proud of all of them, but there are some personal favourites, for example my Mod Sampler Quilt which is the biggest quilt I’ve finished to date and the baby jackets made for friends.

I’ve also done quite a lot of baking. I excluded cooking from the ‘no new projects’ rule on the grounds that I’ve got to eat. I’ve done a lot of gluten-free baking, mainly from Red Velvet Chocolate Heartache. I like the recipes but can’t stand the writing and organisation of the book so have been copying out the recipes I’ve made and liked in a more concise form. I balanced the ‘healthy’ cakes with a number of Nigella recipes.

1. Peppermint Slice, 2. Spiced apple fairy cakes, 3. Gluten-free coffee and walnut cake, 4. Chocolate puddings, 5. Dense chocolate loaf cake, 6. Gluten-free chocolate cake

For 2011, I’ve got more of the same planned – I’ll start my new job and find a new place to live (hopefully with an oven that heats up evenly) and set up my sewing machine again. There are a few projects that have been meandering along as well that either need to be finished or binned. I’ve got over half the blocks for a Paintbox Quilt and am halfway through a jumper I started knitting in the summer.  There are also a few new projects in the pipeline, too!

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