Plans for 2012

These are my finished projects for 2011:

1. Tea cosy, 2. Screen printing: Cranes and a giraffe, 3. Train cake, 4. Finished wedding quilt for Rosie and John, 5. Finished quilt for Baby W, 6. Big sofa cushion, 7. Lone star cushion, 8. Quilt for Baby C, 9. Finished scarf

I’ve got a few things planned for 2012. There are a few projects that I’ve half-started, or have had in my mind for a few months. I’d like to make a quilt for my brother, based on the Puzzle Block quilt-along. I’ve lost my original pair of Fetching Fingerless Gloves and would like another pair. I’d also like to make some Stirrup Socks.

I’ve also been thinking about making a quilt for my parents. I had intended to make them a quilt for their anniversary in the autumn, but the fabric I want to use (the Kona Cotton FQ Pack in Poseidon) hasn’t been available.

And T’s mittens have disappeared (seems to be a theme here), then I shall be making him some more…

Happy New Year!

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