Oh, I do like to be beside the sea-side

I’ve been thinking about a quilt for my parents for over a year now. I’ve gone back and forth between ideas, have started things and then discarded them, and generally not made any forward progress. The one thing I have decided is colours: a range of sea-greens and blues, largely taken from the Kona Poseidon colourstory. Having bought fabric, I was itching to get started on something, so I’ve made a small nine-patch quilt top using eight of the colours and one print for variety. This quilt was hugely influenced by Hi.C’s Sea Glass Quilt.

I’m not planning on quilting this one just yet, but it’s been a really useful exercise. I am completely won over by the colours and I love the contrast against the Kona Bone I used as sashing and the whole thing reminds me of a sunny day at the beach. However, I think white sashing will be too stark for a double-bed sized quilt (i.e. the one for my parents). I’ve been having a look around for ideas again and some of the ones that are sticking are Elizabeth Hartmann’s combination of improv piecing with r0ssie’s Kelp Quilt. I’m currently veering towards a design of ‘concentric’ pods – so no improv-piecing – surrounded by a white band on a dark background. Here’s the first block:

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