Last minute finish

I was aiming to get my most recent quilt project finished in time for Christmas. Rather to my surprise, a number of late nights and early mornings meant that I finished sewing the binding on at 11pm on Christmas Eve, just in time to wrap it.

Finished quilt on Christmas Day

This quilt has had a few twists and turns along the way. The original idea was to use log cabin blocks in a grid pattern, but in then I got distracted and saw some rather lovely quilts by r0ssie and oh, fransson. Influenced by r0ssie’s kelp quilt pattern and tutorial and oh, fransson’s icy pods quilt (first seen here), I went for a group of nine irregular log cabin blocks connected together with stalks.


I sketched out a rough design and promptly lost it, so I carried on regardless. I wasn’t happy with the way things were turning out and thankfully, at about the same time, I found the original sketch. I used the sketch to scale some block sizes and worked backwards to create blocks I was happy with – I’m really not an improv quilter, it turns out!

Design sketch

At the beginning of December, I had my blocks and background fabric and was able to start putting the blocks together. Most of my previous quilts use sashing and a regular grid pattern, so this was a bit different to previous quilt-top assemblies I’ve done. I broke it down into small sections, working out simple rectangular shapes I could combine together to build the mega-blocks up and then combine them.

Pieced top and batting

I hadn’t ordered quite enough of the Kona Glacier I was using for the background and the backing, so I put together a pieced strip to make up for the missing fabric. I only just had enough so I had to make my quilt sandwich with extremely small allowances. I managed to quilt the whole thing in one evening.


With the binding on, the finished quilt measures 64×64″. I’m going to refer to it as my ‘Aspect Ratio’ Quilt, as all the blocks have different aspect ratios.

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2 Responses to Last minute finish

  1. Congrats on your timely finish! Love the quilt and that you took the inspirations and ran with them :)

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