Those blue remembered hills

J and S got married about eighteen months ago. In the run up to their wedding, I started work on a quilt for them. Needless to say, I didn’t get it finished in time for their wedding. Or their first anniversary. Finally, the deadline of going to visit them was enough to get me through the final stages and finally finish it off.


Every year, we go for a three day bike ride with J&S, which usually involves a few hills, so I wanted to make something that had a link to cycling and hills. I was inspired by this quilt that I saw on Flickr.

To make the ‘hills’ I pieced long 1.5″-wide strips together, which I like to think of as geological strata. Once assembled, I used the isosceles markings on my new, bigger, quilting mat to cut the strips into triangles. I used solids and patterned fabrics in blues and greys. I was particularly pleased when I found this fabric which involved a bicycle.


Several months later, I picked up the triangles again and began piecing them together with triangles cut from Kona White, and added a wide white border.


Rather than buy new batting, I pieced together offcuts from previous quilts, and then used Kona Periwinkle as the backing. I was a bit short on time by that stage so rather than choose a new quilting style, I stuck with tried and tested stipple.


I bound it with Kona Regatta, with enough time to embroider their names and wedding date on the back before we went to visit.


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